Zenfolio | Angela Auclair | Score With School - December2, 2011

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McGill Redmen VS RMC at the Verdun Auditorium

Rooths Sports Events and its president Martin Routhier, former president of the Montreal Juniors Hockey Club, instituted in 2008 the “Score with School” program, which had as its primary goal the encouragement of students to work hard at the primary and secondary level in order to attain success in their studies and their chosen physical activity. Many new projects were promoted by the Montreal Juniors with great success.

This season, Rooths Sports Events in association with McGill Redmen Hockey is promoting a school day game geared solely toward primary and secondary students. The event met with great success in 2010. The Lester B. Pearson School Board and the English Montreal School Board have together recently expressed an interest in participating in the event bringing students to a McGill Redmen hockey game, this coming December.

The McGill University Hockey Redmen is proud to associate itself with these two school boards to help contribute to the success of the “Score with School” program and invites schools to participate in this great event taking place Tuesday, December 2, 2011 at the Verdun Auditorium when the McGill Redmen will face Royal Military College at 10:35am. This hockey game/educational outing will be played in the morning during a school day.