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September 2011 News:

I have created a small book of all the prints I was selling for the fundraiser. Funds will continue to be donated to "The Convoy of Hope" through the books sales.

Please follow this link to see it:)

August 17th Update:

Well...a new total of over 1300$ has been raised via this little fundraiser.
Thank you all so much. I will be working on a new project for this fall to continue raising funds and awareness for the famine.

August 8th update:

a total of 1080$ was raised for famine relief efforts in the horn of africa.
thank you to everyone who participated:)

Fundraiser Details:

i am selling 50 8x10 prints at 20$ a piece to raise money for the famine that is affecting africa.

email me at to order.

the title of each photo can be found when you click on the photo you like to enlarge it.

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this is a selection of prints i put together, but please feel free to ask me about other photos you see in my galleries.
if i can print it, it can be yours.

my goal is to sell 50 prints and raise 1000$
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